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GInLaw.Com, a premier Las Vegas-based criminal law firm, has announced the introduction of their legal services. The firm’s experienced attorneys are now putting their focus on the issues that plague the Las Vegas Market. Drug arrests, DUI, domestic violence and traffic tickets.

Keith Raymond, the spokesperson for Las Vegas DUI Lawyers, stated, “Las Vegas is a 24 hour town with a unique personality. With all of the nightlife and alcohol that is available 24 hours, some people may not handle that well and get themselves into trouble.”

“This is where our firm can help. Our experienced attorneys know the Las Vegas market and we know what it takes to build a strong defense for these types of crimes.”

Las Vegas DUI Lawyers have launched their new website. On GInLaw.Com, you can find resources that explain actions that need to be taken if one is arrested for any of the infractions.

The resources are guides that include information on, Las Vegas DUI law, drug infractions, domestic violence, and traffic tickets for moving violations. Each guide breaks down some of the legal complexities involved in understanding these cases and helps defendants see specific ways that a criminal law attorney Las Vegas may be able to help them win their case.

Keith also goes on to say, “The best thing for individuals who have been arrested in Las Vegas is to know their rights. One of those rights is representation from an experienced lawyer. This is why we launched our firm in Southern Nevada.”

Those who are interested in learning more about The Las Vegas DUI Lawyers or scheduling a free consultation with one of their criminal law attorneys should visit for more information.

About G In Law: is the website for Las Vegas’ premier criminal law firm. The firm’s attorneys specialize in taking on cases that involve DUI arrests, drug issues, traffic ticket claims, and domestic violence defendants.

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