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Chat Center Goes Freemium As It Passes One Million Downloads

18/09 - 17:20 : Chat Center, a universal chat application, is taking a page from the social media playbook and now selling premium names on its service. This allows users to create names like "taxi," "iPhone," and "folgerscrystalsdontcausecancer" for a price. The company has collected over 50 million trademarked words and has added them to a list of premium names Read More

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iPhone 6 Plus Review: The First Truly Well-Designed Big Smartphone

17/09 - 03:01 : Apple is launching not one, but two premium smartphones today, and the iPhone 6 Plus is the one many probably were skeptical even existed just a few short months ago. With a screen size measuring 5.5-inches across the diagonal, it s well into the territory labeled "phablet" on the ancient sea charts of mariners who ve braved the Android waters. However, Apple s Read More

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iPhone 6 Review: Meet The New Best Smartphone

17/09 - 03:01 : Apple has two new iPhones debuting today, including the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6 is the heir apparent to the flagship line of Apple smartphones, as it comes in at the same price point as the iPhone 5s, but Apple has done something new this year by introducing a premium priced iPhone 6 Plus. The iPhone 6 is still plenty premium, however, and its 4.7-inch screen is likely going to be a better fit Read More

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